A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam

This book has been written to help non-Muslims understand their Muslim friends and neighbours better.

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All that the Prophets have Spoken

Geared to a culture influenced by Islam, All that the Prophets have Spoken gives an overview of the Holy Scriptures, including the same portions which Muhammad endorsed in the 7th century.
It examines the lives of significant prophets such as Adam, Enoch, Abraham and Ishmael and their places in history.

Other languages available upon request.

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Ambassador Series - Flying Truth In Formation

Have you been noticing a shift in our culture and are you struggling to know how to share the gospel with this new generation? You want to teach the Bible, but when people don't even understand who God is, where do you begin?

Flying Truth in Formation explores the architecture of Scripture and explains how Bible believers can confront both a sceptical world and a questioning church with confidence.

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Ambassador Series - Unlocking the Biblical WorldviewFour 40 minute lectures takes a good look at the problems we face in communicating the gospel in today's culture. Starting with defining a worldview to using the Bible to communicate it's message to a society that has a different worldview, these lectures gives important information in helping share your faith.