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Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ Children's - OLD version

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Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ Children's - OLD versionFive volumes. A full year of lessons! The five books are for the teacher -- the students use the Bible as their text. Each lesson includes a review and a skit which may be photocopied for classroom use. The colourful maps, charts, and posters are included in the lesson package, along with several visuals which may be photocopied for overhead projection.

These lessons are for children of reading age. Though specifically designed for fourth and fifth years, the lessons may be adapted for a variety of ages, and the course may be repeated each year as the children grow in understanding.

Families can learn together -- these 50 lessons parallel the 50 lesson adult course, Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ (adult).
Key themes of Scripture are presented through the context of Bible events as they occurred in history. Children see the panorama of God's working and thus see the Bible as a whole. Because each lesson builds upon foundations laid in previous lessons, children are able to grow in their understanding of God's character.

This is an in-depth course providing extensive study helps for the teacher who wants to grow and who has a heart to prepare a thoroughly scriptural lesson which the children can understand.