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We love them. We hate them. But we certainly cannot ignore them.

Emotions - living life in colour
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Life seems too unfair at times, especially for a child who is left at a foster home because her father can no longer take care of his children. 

God If You Are Up There Do You Care?
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This book approaches the subject of hell sympathetically yet honestly. Through a series of letters to a young Christian it addresses all the common issues surrounding death and hell including the justice of God, whether sincerity is enough and the validity of other faiths.
God That's Not Fair
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This book is for everyone who wants to bring the gospel of Christ to another culture.
Jesus says Go
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The world tells us that we need a good self-image. The Bible says that we need a right self-image.

Mirror Mirror
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What makes a Bible translation faithful? Is one version superior to others? Do we really need more than one translation? How can answering these questions help us become better Bible readers?
One Bible, Many Versions
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