Our Witchdoctors are too Weak

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Our Witchdoctors are too WeakEver wonder what being a tribal missionary is really like? Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak paints a realistic picture of missionary life through amusing, yet heartfelt stories that take you outside the "church box" so you can see God afresh through the eyes of Amazon tribal people. Experience the reality of tribal missions and how God works through people who are not hyper-spiritual, not dead-serious, and very honest about their own shortcomings.

What people are saying:

"Try to put this book down after just one chapter!...Whoever thought that traditional tribal missions were a thing of the past will discover that this work continues....I will use the book in my spiritual warfare class." – Dr. Michael Pocock, Dallas Theological Seminary

"I can't wait to see the real thing and give some as gifts. This turned into a "read aloud” for the family (and my kids are grown!) We loved it. We Burnhams concur: this is an entertaining and informative jungle adventure. We laughed and we learned." - Gracia Burnham, NTM

"...The funny, educational stories transport you to a world that few people experience. You'll realize how different life is in the Amazon, but also how alike people are in their need for the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Dr. Jack Eggar, CEO Awana

"This book can be summed up with one word, 'Authentic!' It is missions in the rough...” – John R. Cross, GoodSeed International

"...This was very enjoyable. I identified with all the failures! Ha! Great to know I wasn't the only one who thought or did those things! ... Will be talking about it in my classes. ...." – Dr. Don Fanning, Liberty University

"... Riveting, engaging, humorous and poignant." – Mike Calhoun, Sr. VP, Word of Life Fellowship

"... Takes you along jungle trails and shares the challenges of learning a new language and adjusting to a foreign culture. I personally couldn't put the book down until I finished reading the final chapter." – Dr. Roy Lawson, Retired, Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches Canada

"One of the best, honest reads to find out what it's like to immerse yourself into a remote culture. It reflects the hardships, frustrations, complications, fun and sometimes bewilderment of living among a people so greatly different than your own. I highly recommend it.” – Larry Brown, CEO NTM