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AWAYOAwayo's journey from fear to faith in multiple HD versions. Includes 4 bonus short films. Deep in the mountainous jungle of West Papua lives the Moi ("moy”) tribe. Almost entirely isolated from the outside world, the Moi live the most primitive life imaginable.
This is the story of one Moi man, Awayo. Though he lives in an indigenous, remote tribe, Awayo's life is anything but simple. Riddled with pain, murder & deception, life in the Moi tribe was spent in constant fear. There was no hope. Then something happened that shook the foundation of Awayo's life.”

Awayo's not alone -- also filmed are six brief testimonies from five other believers of Awayo's people, the Mois.

Also included on this DVD, under Bonus Features, are 4 NTM short films: Wayumi (4 min.), Flight (11 min.), Changed (11 min), and Reachable (6.5 min Panare tribe).

High Definition format suitable for large screen viewing at home or church. Included on the DVD are the English version and the version in Moi with English subtitles.

Running time: 9:30