Firm Foundations: Acts (Revised) Teacher's Guide DVD

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Firm Foundations: Acts (Revised) Teacher's Guide DVD

The Digital Edition includes the complete text of theTeacher's Edition in .pdf format PLUS ready-to-use PowerPoint and Keynotepresentations for each lesson.

This study provides you with a chronological approach tolearning God's Word and to teaching truth to people living in this flounderingworld. As your students recall God's faithfulness down through history, theirdependence on Him will continue to grow. This, in turn, will produce life-longfollowers of Christ who will be passionate about teaching others. Prepare toembark on an amazing journey with God's Word! And get ready to take others onthe journey with you! These Bible studies present the lives and practices ofthe early Christians as a pattern for believers today.


  • THIS IS NOT A VIDEO DVD. This disc contains 12 lessons inPDF format.
  • Bible References linked to passages
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations